This week we discuss Canada's ongoing racism problem and the power of celebrity athletes. Plus we've got two fun games on deck. All that and more. It's time for tea!

May 24, 2021

100 episodes

We did it - we reached 100 episodes thanks to all of you! This week we catch up on the past 6 months (...since our last episode), plus we celebrate 100 episodes. Also - Chris calls Jeff from Super Good Question podcast "Chris", sorry Jeff!

Chris is in hot water, Jess is in a lockdown, and Black Friday (...and our 100th episode) is just around the corner!
October 21, 2020

From ashes to playlists

This week we chat about mental health as many of us move into wave 2 of the pandemic. Plus, would you turn your ashes into a playable record?

September 20, 2020

How to: sail across the ocean.

This week we welcome a special guest to the podcast! We chat with Teresa who sailed across the Atlantic ocean right before the global pandemic, on a boat that lost power mid-journey. An incredible story.

August 23, 2020

And we’re back…

It's been a minute! After taking a bit of a hiatus, we're back with plenty of tea and stunts.

June 11, 2020


Here are some podcast recommendations for you to listen to this week, and all the weeks that follow:

NPR Code Switch:

1619 Podcast:

Still Processing Podcast:

Hoodrat to headwrap, a decolonized podcast:

Good Ancestor Podcast:

This week, we discuss the Black Lives Matter movement what we can do to become better allies.

May 5, 2020

Well well well…

Would you look at that? We're back! We've got a celebrity quiz, some tea, and a fun lil bop. We've missed you!

This week Chris and Jess talk about some lessons learned during "week 2" of the COVID19 lockdown. Plus, can you find love during a pandemic? All that and more!

March 18, 2020

COVID-19, Chapter One

What a week. In this episode, Chris and Jess chat about self-isolation, how to cope with social distancing, and of course the weekly celebrity quiz!

March 1, 2020

Let the record show…

This week, Jess talks about a surprise gift she received! PLUS, life hacks, Lady Gaga, and more!

February 23, 2020

Mercury retrograde what!?!

WTF is the Mercury retrograde you ask? This week Chris and Jess discuss it. Plus we've got another installment of "love bites", how to deal with those Sunday blues, and more! It's time for tea.

February 9, 2020

Oscars Sunday + Love Bites!

This week Chris and Jess chat about the Oscars! Plus, it's February and love is in the air...or something like that. Each episode this month will feature a new love bites segment. It's time for tea!

Note: We're super sorry for the horrible audio quality this week!

This week, Chris and Jess discuss the untimely death of Kobe Bryant. Plus, it's Super Bowl Sunday...what are your (halftime show) predictions? Will Chris and Jess be attending the #dualipaisoverparty? All that and more! It's time to warm-up that cheese dip, fry some chicken wings, and serve some tea!

It's been a minute! Chris and Jess are back with another tea filled episode. This week, the GRAMMYs, the royals (...or former royals?), and bedding...are all discussed plus a whole lot more!

Jess (aka That's so Raven) and Chris reflect on the past decade. Plus, what will the next decade look like? Join Chris and Jess for the last podcast of 2019!

This week, Chris and Jess discuss the best Christmas movie(s) of all time! Plus, guess who finally makes a guest appearance on the podcast? Chris and Jess also discuss the top Google searches of the year (...and decade). It's time for some holiday tea.

December 15, 2019

The ornament has become her…

This week, Jess gives Chris a recap of her trip to NYC. Plus, what do Chris and Jess think about the TIME person of the year? All that and more!

This week, "love bites" is back! Plus Chris and Jess discuss sexting consent, the universe crashes the podcast, and will Jess guess the celebrity quiz!?

This week Chris and Jess discuss Time's top songs of the past decade. Plus thoughts are shared on the latest NHL controversy, and what's the deal with baby Yoda!? All that and more!

This week Chris and Jess chat about the Victoria Secret Fashion show cancellation, the top 20 movies of the past decade, and Black Friday! Plus, can Jess guess this week's celebrity!? Hint: yes!

November 18, 2019


This week Chris and Jess talk about #ScheduleJoy, a movement that isn't a movement...yet. Plus, are you subscribed to Apple TV+? What about Disney+? Also this week, Chris needs help picking out a new gaming name for Stadia. All that and more!

October 27, 2019


This week Chris and Jess discover what it means to be a "Vsco Girl". Jess chats about her 2020 plan, plus what is the best Halloween candy of all time? It's time for tea.

October 22, 2019

The teacup has run us over.

WTF has been going on?, why have there been no new episodes in 2 weeks?, did a teacup run someone over?, will Jess solve the celebrity quiz?, should people be warned about babies on airplanes? All of these questions and MORE are answered!

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