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Chris and Jess discuss goal setting (and how to stay accountable...or try to), and learn about "dumped wife's revenge"? It's time for tea!

It's #NowServing's 30th Episode! We've made some fun changes, Jess has a special announcement, and guess who might be getting a new talk show? It's time for tea!

Chris and Jess discuss "zhushing", the importance of self-care, and the #ZoomChallenge? All that and more!

Someone you're dating tells you "I don't want to get married", how do you react? What does that mean? Chris and Jess discuss this hot topic plus a lot more!

E27: Jess shames Chris!

Chris and Jess discuss Chris' "YouTube celebrity" past, the newest apps they're using, and a whole lot more! It's time for tea!

Chris and Jess have an important discussion about what Canada Day means to Jess. 

E25: Happy Pride!

Jess attends her first pride festival and Chris discusses what pride means to him! Plus - Chris and Jess share an "Oprah advice moment". 

Chris and Jess discuss Beyonce and Jay-Z's new album, share some words on Father's Day (yass!!), and talk about how much they love Tidal! Plus, Chris has no clue who The Game is!?

E23: And we're back!

We're back, we've missed you! Chris and Jess discuss what's going on in their lives and why they took a hiatus.

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