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Chris and Jess discuss their favorite podcasts - someone loves Oprah's podcast - the other does not! Learn about some of Chris & Jess' favorites and tell us what you listen to!

One loves the winter, the other hates it. Chris & Jess don't agree on Canadian winters! What's the best gift you've ever received? Chris & Jess talk about theirs!

Jess calls Chris out for his use of disposable plastic water bottles. There's a huge sexual-misconduct problem in Hollywood (not to mention the rest of the world), should you still...

Are your parcels getting lost in the mail? Chris & Jess have a theory on why this might be happening. Blake Shelton was named sexiest man alive - hear what Chris & Jess hav...

The holidays are almost here, are you on the naughty or nice list? We talk Black Friday, holiday traditions, wishing people a Merry Christmas, and Jess is looking for a "Santa"? Jo...

Is 30 the new 50? Jess is 30 and loving it, Chris has some concerns. Plus, we chat about our streaming obsessions!

Is Instagram the new Tinder? We discuss. Plus, when is it appropriate to slide into someone's DMs - grab some tea and listen up!

Our pilot episode! Join us as we discuss why we've started a podcast, learn what a stunt queen is, and chat about Halloween costumes!

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