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Does Jennifer Aniston make you want to buy Smart Water? What about if a celebrity lands themselves in hot water? Would you still buy the prodct they endorse? Chris and Jessica disc...

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Chris and Jess discuss their favorite plays of the year and reveal who they think will win! Just kidding - Chris and Jess talk about half time shows, the na...

Chris and Jess are addicted to loyalty programs, they discuss their favorite programs and how to make the most out of them. Plus, do you re-gift? Is it acceptable to re-gift? Grab ...

Jess has been in Toronto for 6 months now, Chris & Jess discuss the biggest changes when coming from a small town. Plus, Would you travel alone? Dine out alone?

Chris & Jess discuss the hot new trivia game - Trivia HQ, chat about ways to accomplish more by doing less, and much more!

Chris and Jess discuss how they will become better people in 2018, but first they chat about Mariah's NYE performance.

Chris & Jess discuss holiday plans and send some warm wishes (...but not before serving some holiday TEA!)

Chris and Jess discuss their favorite podcasts - someone loves Oprah's podcast - the other does not! Learn about some of Chris & Jess' favorites and tell us what you listen to!

One loves the winter, the other hates it. Chris & Jess don't agree on Canadian winters! What's the best gift you've ever received? Chris & Jess talk about theirs!

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