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E35: She's back!

Jess returns from her trip "across Canada" and is back in the co-host seat! Plus Chris and Jess discuss all things Nike. It's  time for tea!

Denis Theriault stops by to co-host Now Serving this week! Denis chats about his exciting career, Chris and Denis discuss relationships, and guess who's planning a WILD road trip...

Jess is off on a road-trip across the country, join Chris this week as he channels his inner John Tesh and presents some "Intelligence for your Life". Learn how to earn more tips ...

Chris and Jess are back and ready to serve some tea - tea as in the truth! Our hosts don't see eye to eye on horoscopes but do they agree on what it takes to be a good friend? All ...

Chris and Jess discuss goal setting (and how to stay accountable...or try to), and learn about "dumped wife's revenge"? It's time for tea!

It's #NowServing's 30th Episode! We've made some fun changes, Jess has a special announcement, and guess who might be getting a new talk show? It's time for tea!

Chris and Jess discuss "zhushing", the importance of self-care, and the #ZoomChallenge? All that and more!

Someone you're dating tells you "I don't want to get married", how do you react? What does that mean? Chris and Jess discuss this hot topic plus a lot more!

E27: Jess shames Chris!

Chris and Jess discuss Chris' "YouTube celebrity" past, the newest apps they're using, and a whole lot more! It's time for tea!

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